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Fellow Membership ($175)

Membership as a Fellow is open to all audiologists who hold at least a Master’s Degree in Audiology, and who are licensed by the State of Florida to practice audiology. A waiver to these requirements may be granted by a majority vote of the board of Directors at the request of the Vice-President for Membership, to individuals who are trained as audiologists, possess a minimum of Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree in Audiology. Additionally, a licensed audiologist in good standing from another state may apply in writing as a fellow member. Click here to apply for Fellow Membership online. Click here to download a printable form.

Discount for Recent Graduates – If you have graduated in the past year and would like to be a member of FLAA, you can receive a discount for the first two years of membership. Upon verification of graduation status, you will receive a $125 discount for your first year of membership and a $75 discount for your second year of membership. For more information, please e-mail .

Associate Membership ($125)

An Associate Member cannot be eligible for membership as a Fellow. An associate member must be a Florida licensed audiology assistant, or hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, in a related field and present written evidence of active interest, research, or performance in a field related to hearing, hearing science, or audiology for initial membership, and upon annual membership renewal. Associate Members may not vote or hold office, but receive all Academy publications and materials, and are entitled to all other benefits of membership. Click here to apply for Associate Membership online. Click here to download a printable form.

Life Membership ($70)

A Fellow who is 65 years of age, and has been a Fellow in good standing for ten (10) consecutive years, may apply to become a Life Members by submitting a written request to the Vice-President for Membership Services. Life Membership shall be decided by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at the request of the Vice-President for Membership Services. Click here to download a printable form.

Student Membership (Free)

A graduate student in a Doctoral Program in Audiology may apply for membership as a Student Member. Students may hold a provisional license, or be unlicensed. When an individual becomes eligible for standard licensure, the individual is no longer eligible for student membership. Those in distance learning doctoral programs do not qualify for student membership.Click here to apply for Student Membership online. Click here to download a printable form.

PLEASE NOTE: To become an active student member of FLAA, you are now required to obtain a University Code from your University Liaison. Codes can be obtained from the following professors:

University of Florida – Dana Ulmer, Au.D.
Nova Southeastern University – Erica Friedland, Au.D.
University of South Florida – Devon Weist, Au. D.

If you are mailing payment, please submit it to:

FLAA Membership
PO Box 8685
Delray Beach, Florida 33482
FAX: 561.894.2281

You are eligible to receive $125 off your dues the first year following graduation from your audiology program and $75 off the subsequent year. To apply for this discount, please e-mail and include your graduation date and program name.

Questions? Please contact Florida Academy of Audiology at for more information.