The Florida Academy of Audiology offers webinars on timely and relevant topics to the audiology profession. As FLAA member, the registration for these webinars is FREE; non-members are able to pay a fee per webinar to participate as well.

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Ethics & Professionalism Webinar

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Integral to every profession are high ethical standards. As we live and present ourselves as professionals, others will view us in that manner. This session will discuss ethical concepts and their relationships to clinical practice, especially with regard to building trust, understanding patient needs, and applying honesty and integrity in our practices. Building trust is an ethical activity and the relationship of this to the brand and activities of the practice will be presented.

Learning Objectives:

• Define conflict of professional interest and explain how they apply to professional business practices.

• Describe common ethical dilemmas facing practitioners and public perceptions of clinical practices.

• Analyze and discuss approaches that can be used to enhance clinical practices while building patient trust.

Speaker Biography:

Barry A. Freeman, Ph.D. is Vice President of ZPower Battery, LLC, the leading manufacturer of silver zinc rechargeable batteries for hearing aids. Dr. Freeman was founding Chair of the Audiology Department and a Professor of Audiology at Nova Southeastern University. He continues to maintain adjunct appointments and teach at several audiology programs throughout the world. Before returning to academia in 1997, Dr. Freeman owned and practiced for twenty years at the Center for Audiology in Clarksville, TN and Hearing Services of Kentucky in Hopkinsville, KY. Dr. Freeman earned his Bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Boston University and completed his doctorate in Hearing and Speech Science from Michigan State University. He is a past-president of the American Academy of Audiology and served on the Academy’s Board of Directors for six years. He continues to serve on professional boards including VP for Professional Activities for the Florida Academy of Audiology and as a member of the Advisory Board of the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE). He received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Academy in 2006.

Medical Errors for Audiologists to Avoid

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This presentation, developed specifically for audiologists, begins with a definition and overview of the problem of medical errors. Next, examples of medical errors in audiology are identified. Then, individual and system related factors contributing to the occurrence of the errors are reviewed. The presentation concludes with a summary of steps that can be taken by individual audiologists to reduce medical errors in the health care setting. The presentation stresses the importance of prevention of medical errors to patient safety and quality of health care. Audience participation will be strongly encouraged.

Learning Objectives:

• Identify factors contributing to the occurrence of medical errors, including root causes.

• List situations in which errors are more likely.

• Identify processes for improvement of patient outcome.Describe common ethical dilemmas facing practitioners and public perceptions of clinical practices.

Speaker Biography:

James W. Hall III, PhD is an internationally recognized audiologist with 40-years of clinical, teaching, research, and administrative experience. He received a Bachelor’s degree in biology from American International College, a Master’s degree in speech pathology from Northwestern University and his Ph.D. in audiology from Baylor College of Medicine under the direction of James Jerger. During his career, Dr. Hall has held clinical and academic audiology positions at major medical centers. Dr. Hall now holds academic appointments as Professor at Salus University, Adjunct Professor at Nova Southeastern University, and Extraordinary Professor at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. His main interests include objective assessment of infant hearing, auditory processing disorders, and tinnitus plus disorders of reduced sound tolerance. Dr. Hall is the author of over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles, monographs, or book chapters, and eight textbooks including the 2014 Introduction to Audiology Today.